Phishing Zapper

Phishing Zapper 3.0

It blocks Phishing websites and catches dangerous Phishing and Scam E-mails
3.0 (See all)

Phishing Zapper efficiently blocks Phishing websites and catches dangerous Phishing and Scam E-mails.
Phishing Zapper's intuitive interface offers easy access to all security features that protect you from scammers and Phishing threats.

Whether you like to know everything that happens on your computer or you do not want to be bothered, as long as you know your computer is secure. Phishing Zapper can be customized the way you want it . You can be notified by an alert each time Phishing Zapper acts to protect you; or only when an alert is likely to have resulted from phishing activity. You can also choose to log all alerts or only high-rated alerts.

Main Features :
- The Phishing Zapper intuitive interface provides one-step access to the security features that keep your computer safe.
- Optionally display alerts whenever you receive any e-mail that is suspected to be a phishing e-mail, or whenever you attempt to access a phishing website. Get detailed information about any Scam E-mail your receive or any Phishing website that you access. You can easily choose whether to allow or block the suspect websiteor e-mail. Use a password to p revent other people from changing your security settings.Back-up your security settings and restore them easily whenever you need. Alert and logging features keep you aware of what's happening on your computer without being highly intrusive, and enables you to go back at any time to investigate past alerts. At regular intervals, the content of the log is archived to a date-stamped file. With LiveUpdate you get protection from most scammers and the latest Phishing threats.
- Is compatible with Windows 9X/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP/Vista Windows®

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